What is Functional Nutrition?   

Functional nutrition is about “backing things up”, looking upstream to determine the root cause of symptoms and resulting imbalances.  Your life story is an integral part of the “discovery phase” of this innovative approach.   We take this information and look at you as a whole system, an ecosystem, not independent parts.  

Together, we’ll develop a roadmap to get you to a new level of health + vitality.   We’ll leverage food, physiology, lifestyle and movement to return you to a state of balance and joy.  

How My Approach Differs from the Conventional

  • IT'S FUNCTIONAL:  we address root cause of your symptoms
  • PERSONALIZED NUTRITION:  one size does not fit all; you are beautifully unique, I honor and address that
  • FOOD AS MEDICINE:  discover how foods work with your unique physiology
  • BIOME:  leverage the bright side of bacteria that comprises 90% of your cells and is pivotal to vitality
  • FAMILY OF ORIGIN AND EPIGENITICS: consider your heritage and take appropriate lifestyle actions given genetic and cultural traits
  • BEHAVIOR CHANGE:  analysis of your habit-making tendencies and personalized approaches to create lasting behavior-change in order to strengthen relationships with self, others and food
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: I support you as expert, problem solver, cheerleader, accountability partner
  • EMPOWERMENT:  giving you the tools + strategies to make choices in relations to your signs, symptoms, + health care
  • EMPATHY + COMMITMENT: I’ve been there, I can relate to the pain + loss, frustration and expense you’ve incurred; you have my personal commitment to your healthy success 

My work is very personal. 

Each individual deserves a unique approach, one that supports their values, beliefs, lifestyle, and health status.   Where needed, I partner with practitioners to bring in functional testing to add additional data to the story.  

I too know what it’s like to struggle with my body, my health, and that’s why I’m the perfect practitioner to help you with this journey.