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How to Kombucha!

How to Kombucha!  THIS CLASS HAS BEEN FILLED, next class April 15th and you can register by calling Tagawa Gardens directly,  (303) 690-4722

Saturday, February 17; 12:00-1:00pm

Learn the simple process of home brewing your own kombucha, from start to finish! Brewed over time, kombucha is a fermented, probiotic beverage made from tea, sugar, and a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). We will explore the simple process, flavorings, safety, where to buy supplies, and health benefits!

Presented by Cynthia Farris, Fermentation Educator & Functional Nutritionist


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9Health Wellness Open -- Free Event

Come experience FREE Yoga, Nutrition, Fermentation (no-brainer ferments), Essential Oils for non-toxic living, Qi Gong, Live Music, healthy snacks/drinks, mindfulness, massage, and more at The 9Health Fair Wellness Open. See the 25+ provider line-up and register today for FREE at http://www.awakeexperience.com/wellness-open-schedule.html. While on-site register to receive your health-screening from 9Health Fair.

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Essential Oils for Vitality

Essential Oils for Vitality

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and stems of plants. Their unique structure is readily utilized by the human body to create a thriving ecology and promote vitality. In this class we explore the healing secrets of essential oils to support you on the inside as well as the outside.

Join us for a fun and engaging class to boost immunity, clean (but not over sanitize) your home, reverse aging and rejuvenate the skin. Learn to upgrade your toolkit with aromatic, non-synthetic, non-toxic plant medicines.

You’ll make two essential oil blends that will enhance your senses while helping to cultivate your inner garden.

Price: $43, $38 member

Instructor Bio: Cynthia Farris designs personalized nutrition & lifestyle programs for women in their prime wanting to heal digestive & immune issues naturally. She believes that good health begins with a joyful gut which is created through gentle and easy to incorporate daily practices. Trained in functional nutrition, she focuses on root cause resolution of symptoms resulting in happy bellies, vibrant energy, uplifted mood, and sustainable wellness. She holds certifications in functional nutrition and lifestyle practices, fermentation, transformational coaching, and is a board certified holistic health coach and founder of FOOD & YOU with Cynthia Farris. 

REGISTER HERE:  http://bit.ly/2pzjzRG



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Philips S. Miller Library, Castle Rock, Colorado

BYOC -- bring your own cabbage and we'll create amazing fall ferments in this hands-on workshop.  Join fellow backyard homesteaders to learn how to safely and deliciously farm your own probiotics.   Fermented foods are not only amazingly flavorful, they help digestion, weight loss, energy, and brain power!  Fermented foods are also key to building a strong defense system especially important during the flu and cold season.    

Email me for details and registration.  This is a community class I'm donating to the Castle Rock library community to support public health.  

Come join this fabulous community of folks getting back to nature. 

Probiotically, Cynthia


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Community Event: Fermentation 101, Handcrafted Miso Class

Are you looking for new ways to incorporate summer vegetables into your meals?  Curious about the exploding world of cultured foods and their vast health benefits?  Looking for support in hand-crafting your own plant-based culinary projects?

In this delicious class you’ll experience the dynamic art of making your own fermented miso (pronounced mee-so).  Miso is revered in traditional Japanese cooking for its protein and vitamin/mineral content along with its ability to aide digestion.  You’ll learn to maximize flavor and the natural enzymes and other microorganisms of this nutritional powerhouse.  We’ll explore the unique fermentation process used to make the complex flavors in soy, chick-pea, and brown rice miso and how to “cook” with it.

Join fermentation educator and functional nutritionist Cynthia Farris to learn the simple fermentation technique and how to preserve the rich flavors and nutrients of miso for every day enjoyment – perfect for hot summer evenings or any time.

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Practitioner Event: Functional Forum Meetup, Denver

Scaling Functional Medicine

This month, we look at the future of how Functional Medicine can scale to meet the needs or modern health systems outside of America.  The first hour we'll connect and network with the thriving functional community in Denver.  Then, we'll tap into the live stream of the Global Functional Forum from the Royal Society of Medicine in London, the world’s oldest medical institution.

First, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee speaks to his experience on a unique 3 program series on BBC1 in 2015: Doctor in the House. This series looked at how an NHS GP could immerse himself with three families to guide them back to health using the principles and practices of functional medicine. One of the highlights was reversing the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in just 6 weeks.

Next, James Maskell explains how modern practices are using innovations in delivery models, care teams, and digital technology to reduce overhead, appointment times, and systemic costs. With news that some of the most innovative health centers like the Cleveland Clinic are betting on Functional Medicine as a superior operating system for chronic disease care, what can Britain learn from America’s early lessons in delivery to make this a viable option for the NHS and other major health systems?

Michael Ash, DO speaks to the how we can no longer place the simplistic notion of ‘bad’ against bacteria, yeasts and viruses, many it seems can qualify in an equally simplistic notion as being ‘good’. In part, our natural instinct to simplify risk or benefit does us a disservice as the relationship between humans and their extensive microbiome is co-dependent on the external environment, the state of the human health, immune plasticity, age, diet, geography, income and other factors.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee,  MBChB, BSc (Hons), MRCGP, MRCP
“Functional Medicine – the NHS perspective”

James Maskell, Founder of Functional Forum
“Lessons from America in Scaling Functional Medicine”

Michael Ash,DO, ND, BSc, RNT
“The forgotten organ: why our guts biome is reversing the ‘germ theory’ domination of medicine, and why it’s relevant for NCDs.”

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Community Event: Holistic Pet Fair

I believe the human-animal bond is integral to overall health, joy and resilience. Join me, and an amazing line-up of healers and natural health practitioners, at the 3rd Annual Pet Wellness Fair on June 4th.  I'll be helping folks connect the dots between the foods we eat, how the body processes them, and the role of the microbiome in overall vitality and health -- for both people & pups.

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Practitioner Event : Functional Forum Meetup, Denver

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to make its debut in San Francisco, CA for its first Functional Forum in Northern California. With so much technology and clinical talent in the area, it makes perfect sense!

With topics like the Human Microbiome and the Paleo Diet coming into the mainstream in the last few years, an understanding of the nature of our human evolution is crucial to a successful chronic disease management system.

Headlining our Forum is Chris Kresser, LAc on of the most popular educators in the integrative medicine space, not only as a clinician, but also in building successful low overhead, technologically integrated practices.

Joining him is Alzheimer’s leader Dr. Dale Bredesen, functional medicine a specialist Dr. Stephanie Daniel and Harvard trained integrative physician Dr. Akil Palanisamy.

This episode will address the following questions:

  • What can we learn from our co-evolution with plants and microbes?
  • How can we apply our understanding of evolution to chronic disease?
  • What are practical ways to add value to your patients “user experience”?

Keynote Speakers

  • Chris Kresser L.Ac - Myths & Truths About “Adrenal Fatigue”
  • Stephanie Daniel D.O. - The Canary in the Coal Mine: How the Thyroid Evolved as a Signal for Alarm

Other Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Dale Bredesen
  • Dr. Akil Palanisamy
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Community Class : The Art of Fermentation: Kimchi and Garlic

Cultured Vegetables for Cancer Prevention: Garlic and Kimchi

Learn how to put zing back in your meals while supporting your body in preventing disease. There’s much more to Kimchi than ‘set your mouth on fire’ flavors, the quintessential ingredients of garlic, ginger, red pepper, and cabbage can be modified to please your unique taste buds. These known health promoters lend themselves to an amazing culinary experience. We’ll explore modern American Kimchi (mild or zippy), White Kimchi which celebrates the Korean tradition sans chilies, seasonal vegetables with Kimchi seasonings, and aged garlic. All samples will be vegan; ways to incorporate meat broths or fish based sauces into your ferments will be shared.

Celebrate your health and honor garlic in one of its most endeared roles.

Instructor: Cynthia Farris, Holistic Health Coach & Functional Nutritionist, www.cynthiafarris.com, works with individuals to share the life affirming properties of food to bring more joy, vitality, and longevity to life.

$28 members, $32 nonmembers

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Practitioner Event: Reframe Nutrition

Virtual Class (replay available)

The Comprehensive Framework that shows you how to improve clinical success and patient compliance with each and every new client that walks through your door.

What is it?

Reframe Nutrition is a 6-hour practitioner training workshop, led by Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, that gives you the SINGLE FRAMEWORK to make major breakthroughs with each of your clients. 

Reframe Nutrition teaches you how to start using the Functional Matrix for mapping client cases, so that you can better see resolutions and more easily become the hero on your client’s healthcare team.

In this 3-part workshop you’ll learn NINJA-LIKE SKILLS that will allow you to:

  • Find the root cause of your clients’ symptoms (even the super complex cases!)
  • Create client compliance without being pushy or overbearing
  • Be recognized as a valuable and trusted leader of your clients’ healthcare team
  • Become a vital player in the healthcare revolution (we need you!)
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