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In this FREE workshop you’ll learn how to use natural, non-toxic solutions to support your body through common ailments like:

-     pain

-     sleeping issues

-     colds/flu

-     digestive issues

-     headaches

-     seasonal allergies

-     mood disorders

-     weight loss resistance

In this one hour class you’ll:

-     Learn about the 10 basic essential oils and how to use them

-     Learn about medicinally viable essential oils

-     Get to sample certified pure therapeutic grade oils

-     How to use oils to address most common ailments naturally and healthfully

-     Meet your neighbors and make new friends 

-     so much more!

Your instructors are Functional Nutritionist and Essential Oils Wellness Advocates Cynthia Farris @thegutcoach and Clara Wisner @revolutionarylifestyle.

Clara and Cynthia are passionate about empowering people with natural solutions that support mind, body, and soul.

Please note:  You'll receive directions to this private residence upon registration.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday (4/22) and sharing the beauty and power of these plant medicines.   Please email with any questions.    

To register please cut and paste this link to your browser: