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The Baby Boomer Belly -- Personalized Healing

The Baby Boomer Belly – Personalized Healing from the Inside Out

Cynthia Farris,, Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

Have you heard the famous quote attributed to Hippocrates over 2000 thousand years ago:  “All disease begins in the gut”?

Your gut is Grand Central Station to multiple body systems controlling energy, mood/cognition, immunity and, of course, digestion.  This system is also highly sensitive to external inputs, stressors, and foods. 

Join us to learn health secrets unique to the boomer generation. You’ll walk away with three keys to personalize your own self-care plan to optimize digestive fire leading to greater overall vitality.

Koelbel Library (5955 S. Holly Street Centennial, Co. 80121)

Registration: (live link coming, but in the meantime, please copy this https to your browser)