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Natural Blood Sugar Balance with Plenty of Sweetness

Bood sugar and insulin balance are key to achieving optimal health.  Plants and herbs contain numerous constituents and minerals that support the body systems involved in this dance.  Discover cutting edge nutritional science and practices that support the use of specific plants, both from land and sea, to nourish and create the right internal equilibrium.  Learn how to deliciously nourish yourself and proactively regain vitality in your brain, belly, and energy levels with plenty of sweetness.

This class is for you if you’re:

·        Ready to regain your energy and focus

·        Prepared to ditch the muffin top, brain fog, and mood swings you’ve been experiencing

·        Nutrition curious and eager to learn how specific plants can support vitality

·        Proactive and ready to take steps to avoid blood sugar imbalance, insulin sensitivity,  type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions related to these imbalances

·        Hungry for satisfying and delicious recipes that won’t spike your blood sugar and will “WOW” your holiday palate and guests

Inspire and empower yourself by joining us for this fun and interactive health class on natural blood sugar balance honoring plants, herbs, oils and lifestyle practices (including strolling through the Denver Botanic Gardens).

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