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Garden Harvest & Healing Roots

My final class of the 2019 Denver Botanic Gardens Herbalism Certificate Program!

Fall is the perfect season for connecting with roots. We spend time grounding and digging medicinal roots in the garden, discussing seasonal energy patterns, preventative care, digging tools & good practices regarding harvesting roots. Fall can also be chaotic and stressful, so we will make an immune-boosting, sickness-fighting, stress-combating remedies like cough syrup. Many of the roots we learn about contain inulin, so a discussion of prebiotics, digestive health, fermentation and immunity is explored as well.

Tasting Menu: Root Beer, Ginger and Turmeric “Beers”, Prickly Pear Syrup, Green Banana Bliss Balls, Tigernut Mylk and cookies, Kimchi, Root Kraut and many more glorious fall crops that support your microbial diversity that controls our health.