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One of the greatest medical discoveries in modern medicine...

Photo credit:  Esther Beazer

Photo credit:  Esther Beazer

The human microbiome, the trillions of bacteria that live on and in us, and its role in creating health and healing disease is one of the greatest medical discoveries in modern medicine.  The invisible microbial world within us control virtually every aspect of health with a significant impact on the immune system.

All of us have bacteria in our digestive systems that help to digest food and nourish cells.  The trillions of bacteria in the intestine include both beneficial and potentially pathogenic and are involved in every aspect of our existence.  Cultivating a microbiome friendly lifestyle is key to vitality and living a life of our personal best.   

Maintaining a balance of these bacteria aids in digestion, immune strength, and brain vitality.  They are key to weight balancing, pain and anxiety management. 

In my work, I share key insights and practical strategies, tools and tips for creating a strong biome and resilient body.  

“These organisms are so significant and so much a part of you that in the future doctors may actually diagnose your microbiome instead of you.” - asapScience


Traditionally fermented foods contain highly bioavailable forms of probiotics as well as deep and complex flavors
– sure to satisfy the most discerning.  

Biome and fermentation education are cornerstones of my nutrition consulting.  My signature approach teaches people how to maximize their biome through traditional foods, botanicals and lifestyle techniques.


Top 5 Reasons to Eat Fermented Foods

Besides their amazing taste and flavor profiles, fermented foods such as cultured veggies, kefir, yogurt, probiotic beverages, and sauerkraut + kimchi, cultured foods are one of the most important foods you can eat.  Here are my top 5 reasons why:

  1. Probiotics – probiotics or “life giving” bacteria are essential for smooth digestion which is the  foundation for optimal vitality + longevity, immune, bone, brain, hormonal, and cardiovascular health. 
  2. Nutrient absorption – why eat if the foods you ingest aren’t going to actually nourish you?  Fermented foods are teaming with enzymes, in addition to probiotics, which help you break down and utilize nutrients. Taking a bunch of supplements to help you with this? Try the right fermented foods instead.
  3. Weight loss + satiety – many of my clients, from unsatisfied eaters to those in recovery, are delighted to see how their sense of taste and satiety returns after incorporating probiotic rich foods.   This, along with efficient metabolism, results in weight loss. 
  4. Super inexpensive – knowing what to buy or, better, making your own fermented foods for a fraction of retail, can save you a ton on food and supplements.  (I’ll teach you how.)
  5. Detoxification – fermented foods have been shown to support the liver and the body’s detoxification pathways.  In this polluted world, we need all the help we can to move toxins that can lead to cancer and affect overall body functions out.