I’m a Seattle girl, born and raised.  Rain is in my blood; evergreen forests, in my soul.   

A lover of all dogs (a key component to my health strategy), microorganisms (think probiotics) and nature (consider the body as an ecosystem).  I look to each for inspiration and guidance on healing, harmony and vitality.  

Food as Medicine.  Food as Toxins.  

I grew up in the kitchen.  Food was family, love, joy.

It took me fifty years to realize the impact specific foods could have on the body if it’s out of balance.  (Tip: it doesn’t have to take you 50 years, connect with me now….)

I know what it’s like to struggle because I spent half a century fighting my body’s wisdom and messages with the wrong foods, lifestyle and disease management techniques that exacerbated my health.   

I had no clue that certain foods could be toxic in my body and I undervalued foods healing potential.  

The Bright Side of Health

Finally, my body gave out.  

Desperately seeking answers, the study of functional nutrition and the pivotal role of our forgotten organ, the microbiome, gave me the path and knowledge I needed to heal myself.  

Understanding the body’s innate ability to heal and recognizing the signs my body was screaming to me (brain fog, recurrent infections, stomach pain, auto-immunities, mood swings), allowed me to unpack years of misunderstanding, dysfunction and unintentional neglect.

An appreciation for the digestive system – our most intimate connection to the outside world, was what saved me and enabled me to turn my life and health around.

Our Challenges Are Our Greatest Gifts

  • Graduate level studies in the art and science of functional nutrition trained me to not only heal myself, but to share the gifts of my hard won wisdom with others unable to thrive.

  • Advanced training in transformational coaching methodologies allows me to support my clients in nurturing and leveraging the mind-body connection.  

  • A life-long commitment to self-mastery, I’m constantly studying, growing, and honing my skills as a human and as coach.


Cynthia Farris is a board certified integrative health coach, functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, and biome hipster inspiring individuals to achieve their unique health goals.  As an integral member of her client’s health team, she provides functional expertise and support through coaching around self-awareness, food, lifestyle, genetics, and environment.  Her unique transformational coaching approach helps individuals identify what holds them back from achieving their desired goals.  

She is a popular speaker on the art of fermentation sharing the critical link between the gut microbiome and health, both human and canine.  

Cynthia is a Coach Consultant with Climate & Culture Connection, an education consulting firm providing personal leadership development and consulting services in the public school system to teachers and students.

Your Next Step

If you’re seeking greater abundance, a clearer mind, digestion, energy, through health (and it’s clear you are as you’ve made it his far), let’s end your struggle and take back your life.  I’m here for you.  Schedule your initial consult with me.