One on One Coaching

Honoring Your Individuality

"Self Care is a divine responsibility." - Danielle LaPorte

Good for you for getting here -- you absolutely deserve to invest in yourself and cultivate your vitality.

I’m here to help with one on one nutritional and lifestyle coaching, seasonal cleanses, workshops and on-going longevity programs.  I welcome speaking engagements where I can share the bright side of nature + health.

One on One Coaching

Every person is unique and requires an individually tailored approach and personalized attention to support their optimal health.  

Benefits to you:

  • Mindset mastery – discover beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back from achieving the vitality that you deserve and learn how to move into greater abundance

  • Goal setting – allowing yourself to dream and then supporting you in getting there  

  • Upgrade your biochemistry – when the body feels and functions optimally, the brain has a fighting chance  

  • Address nutrient deficiencies by refining and upgrading your diet

  • Bring in nutrient-rich, tantalizing, and simple foods and lifestyle upgrades to nourish

  • Weight balancing, digestive optimization, increase energy levels, decrease cravings, manage and reverse auto immunities and other chronic conditions

  • Learn to reframe stress as a way to reduce its effects on you

  • Create rituals to success on a moment by moment or daily/weekly basis

  • Cooking or meal assembly tools, techniques and skills that suit your life

  • Fermentation and probiotic savviness -- easy (or advanced) ferments that you can make or buy in order to maximize your food budget, your biome

What your personalized nutrition program includes:

Each 2 month, or longer, program is unique to the individual; however, all include the following: 

  • 1:1 in person, phone, or Skype sessions
  • Unlimited email support between consultations  
  • Touch base calls to troubleshoot and inspire – to make change fun and sustainable
  • Personalized protocols and action planning designed for your unique situation
  • Simple, delicious, and nutrient-rich recipes created with your specific tastes, budget, and cooking skills/availability in mind
  • Straightforward handouts and articles that will increase your understanding
  • Collaboration with your medical practitioner in order to best support you
  • Bonus gifts (inspiring books, recipes, food samplings, + more)
  • My personal commitment to your success




Check out my events page  or Facebook: Food & You with Cynthia Farris so we can meet in person.  I love sharing the bright side of health speaking with different organizations.

My signature talks include:

  • Cultivating Vitality: Using Nature to Create Abundance through Health

  • The Art of Fermentation (beginner and advanced)

  • Digestive Wellness, Fermentation + the Microbiome

  • Plants & Bugs to Support Your Brain, Your Belly and Your Brilliance

  • General topics:  metabolism, energy, sleep, stress, hormones, brain vitality

  • Canine Health

  • Functional Forum Meetups

Connect with me here to explore your needs and how I may support your group.